Partnership and cooperation between Tunisian businessmen in the center and a number of their counterparts in Pakistan

Sousse, March 29 (TAP) – The headquarters of the Regional Union for Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts in Sousse hosted Thursday a bilateral partnership meeting between a delegation of Pakistani businessmen headed by the Pakistani ambassador to Tunisia, Mr. Zaheer Pervaiz Khan, and their business counterparts in the central region of Tunisia.

"The  meeting provided an opportunity to identify potential areas for economic cooperation and look for new horizons to support investment opportunities available between Pakistani investors and their Tunisian counterparts, as well as boost bilateral trade exchanges of goods and services for the mutual benefit of both our countries," said Ali Ben Yahya, President of UTICA Sousse.

The meeting enabled the Tunisian participants to find out about the range and areas of activities of their Pakistani counterparts, while the latter enquired about the business opportunities offered by Tunisia. The opening ceremony was followed by a series of B2B meetings aimed at concluding partnership agreements to establish joint ventures between the business communities of both countries and intensify trade exchanges, especially in sectors related to sporting goods and textile, leather and pharmaceutical industries.

The ambassador expressed his confidence that the Pakistani delegation would identify appropriate niche market products and investment opportunities in the region of Sousse, expressing the desire of Pakistani businessmen to identify partnership and investment opportunities with businessmen from the center and Sahel region, emphasizing the strategic location that characterizes Tunisia in the African continent and the Mediterranean.

He expressed the hope that these bilateral economic meetings between businessmen in Tunisia and Pakistan would increase the volume of bilateral trade between the two countries from 35 million dollars to 200 million dollars over the few next years.