Visit of a Pakistani Trade Delegation to Tunisia

from 25th-31st March 2018

A Pakistani Trade Delegation comprising of businessmen from the following four sectors is planning to visit Tunis & Sousse from 25th-31st March 2018;

  • Textile;

  • Pharmaceutical products;

  • Sports Goods / Sports Wear and;

  • Surgical instruments.

2.      The delegation, comprising of 13 businessmen and officials, is being arranged by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). 

3.      The programme of the visit will include two days meetings in Tunis from 26th-27th March 2018 for opening ceremony followed by B2B meetings. The same programme would be followed during visit to Sousse from 29th-30th March 2018. Both the events are being arranged at UTICA office in Tunis & Sousse respectively.

4.      All interested businessmen are invited to attend the opening ceremony at the following addresses.

         Tunis :        UTICA Headquartes, Tunis

         Sousse :      UTICA Headquarters, Sousse

5.      For further information please call on 71871330 or send email at