The deadline of 24th November 2015 designated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to suspend the issuance of manual passports was only recommendatory and not mandatory.

2. Therefore, the Pakistan Embassy in Tunis would continue issuing manual passports to the Pakistani community residing in Tunisia and Malta until 30th September 2016.

3. However, since the MRP facility has become a mandatory requirement for travel abroad, the Pakistani community is strongly advised to obtain MRP as expeditiously as possible.

4. NADRA is scheduled to install a MRP facility at the Pakistan Embassy, Tunis, during 2016. In the event that the MRP facility becomes operational in Tunis, the expatriate community would be notified by posting this information on the Embassy's website.

5. Till such time, our community based in Tunisia/Malta would be facilitated for obtaining MRP from the following countries where this facility exists:

  1. Pakistan Embassy in Athens, Greece.

  2. Pakistan Embassy in Rome, Italy.

  3. Pakistan Consulate General in Milan, Italy.​​



6. An introductory letter would be issued by the Mission upon receipt of a written request for the destination preferred by the individual. All prospective applicants are requested to send their following antecedents/particulars for recommendation letter:


a) Name
b) Date of Birth
c) Copy of existing passport
d) Copy of CNIC/NICOP.


(Marwan Alex Ayyash)
First Secretary/HOC



All Expatriate Pakistanis Residing In Tunisia &Malta